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Our story

A little about us

Who we are

We are the innovation team at Holland & Barrett - a group of health and wellness enthusiasts who will try anything once! It’s our goal to leverage Holland & Barrett’s 150 years of experience to bring you the latest and greatest in Health and Wellness, and help you achieve your goals in the best way possible.

Why Healthbox

Through speaking to a lot of our customers, we kept hearing how hard it is to cut through all of the noise in supplements and figure out what actually works and is right for you.

We also know how difficult it is to start a habit and remember to take your pills every day - especially when they’re annoyingly hidden away in a bunch of different bottles in your drawer! Not to mention the fact that the bottles are all different sizes and you run out of some things faster than others and forget to replace them. What a minefield!

Healthbox is our way of solving all of these problems for you, so that you get what science suggests you need, packaged so it is easy to remember and delivered so that you never run out.