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Our wellbeing essentials


    The Bodyguard

    Siberian Ginseng
    • Helps maintain the immune system
    • Helps support mental wellbeing and healthy brain function
    • Helps maintain memory performance
    + £6/mo

    The Brain Power Up

    Ginkgo Biloba
    • Helps support good brain function
    • Helps support memory with age
    + £6/mo

    The Diet Booster

    Metabolism Complex
    • Helps increase fat oxidation and reduce body fat
    • Helps optimise exercise
    • Helps maintain blood glucose levels
    + £6/mo

    The Energy Booster

    B Complex
    • Helps support your immune system function
    • Helps reduce tiredness
    + £6/mo

    The Spirit Giver

    Green Tea Extract
    • Can help aid weight management
    + £6/mo

    The Vegan Essential

    Vitamin B12
    • Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
    • Helps support the immune system
    • Helps support dietary deficiencies
    + £6/mo