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Our wellbeing essentials

  • Herbs

    Packed with positive energy for reducing inflammation and cell damage.

      The Bodyguard

      Siberian Ginseng
      • Helps maintain the immune system
      • Helps support mental wellbeing and healthy brain function
      • Helps maintain memory performance
      + £6/mo

      The Age Well

      Sage Leaf
      • Contributes to menopausal comfort
      • Helps concentration, memory and mental performance
      + £6/mo

      The Brain Power Up

      Ginkgo Biloba
      • Helps support good brain function
      • Helps support memory with age
      + £6/mo

      The Detox

      Aloe Vera
      • Helps support healthy digestion
      • Helps support healthy bowel function
      + £6/mo

      The Diet Booster

      Metabolism Complex
      • Helps increase fat oxidation and reduce body fat
      • Helps optimise exercise
      • Helps maintain blood glucose levels
      + £6/mo

      The Digestion Calmer

      Peppermint Oil
      • Helps support digestion
      • Helps the intestinal tract function
      + £6/mo

      The Happy Heart

      Odourless Garlic
      • Helps maintain a healthy heart
      • Helps keep cholesterol levels healthy
      + £6/mo

      The Hormonal Friend

      Evening Primrose Oil
      • Contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity
      • Aids inflammatory response
      + £6/mo

      The Spirit Giver

      Green Tea Extract
      • Can help aid weight management
      + £6/mo

      The UTI Avoider

      Cranberry Concentrate
      • Helps support the body's natural immune defences
      + £6/mo

      The Vegan Summer Holiday

      Vegan Vitamin D
      • Helps support the immune system
      • Helps support muscle and bone function
      + £6/mo

      The Vigour+

      Turmeric & Black Pepper
      • Helps with good gut health
      + £6/mo